Condition of Floors: the concrete was in a satisfactory condition but was generating dust. The surface had been treated with a polyurethane sealant which had largely worn away.

Elgood Ltd planned and programmed the installation with Worldwide Dispensers to fit their critical time plan.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: September 2004
  • Product: Britdura 500 Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating
Originally, the plan was to lay a floor coating in the new production area only.To gain the best economy from the installation price and to raise the appearance of the floors throughout the building, it was decided to extend the installation of the floor into the warehouse area simultaneously. Worldwide benefited from having the floors installed before moving by avoiding the additional costs associated with a phased installation that would have otherwise been necessary in an operational factory.

Worldwide Dispensers required a cost effective floor coating to provide the following characteristics:

1. A seal to prevent the generation of dust.
2. A hard wearing floor surface.
3. A floor which would be easy to clean and maintain.
4. A range of colours from which they could design their floor plan.

Elgood Ltd were selected from a number of competitors.

Yellow lines were used to highlight the gangways and guards along the partition. Yellow hatching was employed to signify areas of potential hazard. Red hatchings were used at Fire Exits and a zebra crossing was introduced at a Fork Lift and pedestrian crossing point.

A permanent text sign was installed where the forklift trucks are to be parked.

Shotblasting was used to remove the existing paint and to clean the surface of the concrete by vacuum. Diamond grinding was used to prepare the concrete around the uprights of the racks and along edges of walls.
The Britdura 500 Epoxy Floor Coating laid by trowel and finished to a fine slip resistant texture. The total thickness of the coating being approximately 450 – 500 microns. The colours selected were our Dusty Blue (Production and Storage), French Blue (Gangways), Golden Yellow and Cherry Red.
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