At Elgood Industrial Flooring, we have offered comprehensive industrial flooring packages, from design and manufacture to installation, for over a century.

While SELF-INSTALL has always been an option, the convenience of this Supply Only service was made more clear throughout the various COVID-19 lockdowns. We were proud to be able to continue to offer our Self-Install option throughout the pandemic – just as we had done over the years before.

We are pleased that we can continue to offer this service and that we are able to open it up to our new industrial customers as well as those who have received our installation service in the past.

Our SELF-INSTALL PRODUCTS are the same as we manufacture and install for our clients.

GUIDANCE & ADVICE is provided to our clients from the initial enquiry. We seek to establish the client’s objectives and advise accordingly.

Every member of our team has extensive knowledge of the application of our products. Furthermore, someone can be on-hand to run you through the practical aspects of installing our high-performance floor coatings.

We have specialised in the manufacture and installation of industrial floors for over a century, so you can have confidence that we will give you an honest and accurate assessment of the suitability of our product for your project.

You will at all times be talking to someone who is an experienced industrial floor layer themself.

SITE VISITS & EMPLOYEE TRAINING can be provided as part of the overall service.

DELIVERY is by our own vehicles or a designated vehicle. We do not use couriers.


An example of our high-quality colourful industrial floor


We offer a wide range of colour options, allowing our clients to find the perfect colour to suit their needs. We stock a range of practical colour options, including white, yellow and red are available for line markings.

However, we are also able to provide flooring in your preferred colours using any BS or RAL colour code, using our trusted pigment provider.

Examples of the colours can be found on our Case Studies Page.




We provide a range of aggregates to give your industrial floor a slip-resistant texture. Slip-resistant, or anti-slip flooring, is a must-have for many environments, from industrial to commercial settings – though the most suitable grade for your project will be determined by your conditions.

Our most popular grade is the fine slip-resistant finish which is a 70-grade Aluminium Oxide, ideal for a broad reach of industrial workplaces. The light texture provides both a pleasing appearance and sufficient purchase for most dry industrial uses without inhibiting cleaning.

Visit our ‘Slip-Resistant Industrial Flooring‘ page for more information.


There are a few things to consider when initiating the self-installation of your industrial flooring.

First of all, your floor should be clean, dry, and structurally sound. You should ensure that all contamination – such as from dirt, dust and oil – is removed.

Epoxy floor coatings adhere best to a lightly textured surface. This is best achieved by vacuum-contained industrial shot-blasting. Vacuum-contained diamond grinding can also be used. Where diamond grinding is used, we recommend that our clear solvent-free Epoxy Primer Coat is applied to optimize the adhesion.

The heavier the traffic, the more important it is to achieve a good physical key.

Always use a trial area to ensure that your preparation is adequate and that the coating will take to the concrete.


When installing your industrial flooring, the ratio of resin to curing agent is critical.

Mix one unit at a time and always mix complete units. Use an electric drill fitted with a paddle to mix your product and ensure you do not mix more than you can apply in the pot-life of the product.

Once mixed, depending on the ambient temperature, you will have 15-20 minutes to apply each unit of coating.


We recommend using a medium nylon roller and a paint tray.

Two coats will always produce a better finish than a single coat.

The floor should be ready for light traffic between 12-24 hours and normal traffic in 24-36 hours.


Health and safety are of the utmost importance when installing your flooring solution. Overalls, nitrile gloves and eye protection should be worn.

Good ventilation is also very important.

For more information about our Self-Install service, get in touch with a member of our team today.