SELF-INSTALL has always been an option, and we have provided a Supply Only service to many clients over the years.

COVID19 will increase the need for coated floor surfaces that can be routinely cleaned and disinfected. For reasons of distancing and isolation, not to mention convenience and cost, self-install will meet the future needs of many companies.

ELGOOD SUPPLY ONLY is already used by many companies that we have installed floors for in the past, we are now expanding the service to welcome new industrial customers.

THE PRODUCTS that we supply are the same as we manufacture and install for our clients.

GUIDANCE & ADVICE is provided to our clients from the initial enquiry stage. We seek to establish the client’s objectives and to advise accordingly.

Every member of our team has extensive product knowledge, and will run you through the practical aspects of installing high performance floor coatings.

You can be assured that we will give you an honest assessment as to the suitability of our product to meet your objectives.

You will at all times be talking to someone who is an experienced floor layer himself.

SITE VISITS & EMPLOYEE TRAINING can be provided as part of the overall service.

DELIVERY is by our own vehicles or a designated vehicle. We do not use carriers.