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Anti-Static Industrial Flooring


Anti-static industrial flooring installation

In some environments, the use of effective anti-static industrial floorings is essential. For example, this type of flooring inhibits the generation of electrostatic discharge or ESD (the pulse of static electricity) that occurs when a charged object comes into contact with another object.

As a result, they reduce the risk of sparking in potentially explosive industrial environments. For example, we have installed anti-static industrial flooring in Television Studios, Laboratories, Industrial scale Science and Technology based companies and in ESD-sensitive production zones.

We can also provide signs and symbols in our solvent-free Epoxy to inform.


Our most popular Industrial Anti-Static Floor system has a Static dissipative range  of 106 Ω – 107 Ω, as defined in BS EN 61340-5-1 ESD Electrostatically Protected Area  –  EPA.

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