For settings where precision flat flooring is required for safety and efficiency, our specialist super-flat flooring is the ideal solution. The specification is typically used in conjunction with Laser Guided Vehicles, Unmanned Fork Lifts, Air Pallets and in tall storage facilities.

The Elgood Television Studio Floor is a further example of a Specialist Flat Floor. Our studio floors are laid to tolerances surpassing SR1 as the flatness of the floor and a uniform finish are critical to camera tracking.

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Our Epoxy Coatings are our most popular Industrial Flooring product. They offer a cost-effective way to lift the presentation and quality of any environment.

At Elgood Industrial Flooring, we use only the highest quality solvent-free Epoxy resin and curing agents. With the correct preparation floor Layouts can be designed and altered at a later date without the need to remove the underlying coating, keeping waste to a minimum.

All our Epoxy Coatings are available in a range of finishes to meet the requirements of different working environments.

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Industrial Flooring Seals are important for maximising the durability and resistance of your floor. They help to create a dust-proof surface that is easy to clean, in addition to adding a layer of protection.

Our Industrial Floor Seal is a solvent-free Epoxy Coating with very little colour to make for a clean and even finish. The seal coat can be cleaned in the same way as our Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating.

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Slip-Resistant or Anti-Slip floorings are essential for many working environments, from industrial to commercial settings. All of our industrial flooring options are available in a range of slip-resistant finishes to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

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Smoothing screeds are used to create a smooth surface and improve concrete floors. They may be applied for the refurbishment or uneven floors or in cases where floor levels need to be reinstated.

These products are often used in large-scale refurbishment projects and are often pumped into place. At Elgood Industrial Floorings, we use only the best-researched and developed products. Thicknesses vary from 5mm to up to 50mm.

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In some settings – such as in potentially explosive environments – anti-static floors are essential. These floors protect components that are electro-statically sensitive and reduce the risk of sparking in industrial environments.

We have installed anti-static industrial floorings in Television Studios, Laboratories, and Industrial-scale Science and Technology-based companies. (See ‘Our Clients‘ for examples).

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Our range of chemical-resistant floorings are designed to withstand damage from harsh chemicals. As such, they are ideal for environments where chemicals are used or stored.

Our Epoxy-based Industrial Floor coatings have excellent chemical resistance. We are also able to source suitable products for more extreme circumstances.

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We have a number of in-house stock colours that are readily available. Furthermore, if you are looking for something a little different, we also have access to a leading supplier of pigments, meaning we are able to provide flooring in your preferred colours using any BS or RAL colour code.

Contrasting colours, line markings and industrial warning signs can all be used to add a specific design and layout to your industrial flooring.

Visit our Colourful Industrial Floorings Service page for more information.


We have specialised in providing flat floors to a high tolerance specification (superior to SR1) for television broadcasting settings for over 40 years. In this environment, flat floors are required for camera-tracking purposes.

We have been able to bring our wealth of experience in precision flat floors and apply it to production environments where AGV and LGV vehicles are in use.

Visit our Industrial Floors for AGV and LGV vehicles Service page for more information.


Elgood Industrial Flooring LogoWe offer full accountability from the initial site survey to completion. This ownership makes our comprehensive Materials and Workmanship Guarantee meaningful.

Our industrial floor coatings typically last for at least 5 years. Furthermore, experience has shown that the coatings last far longer than this with many of our floors still retaining a good standard of appearance for up to 10 years.

Guarantees run from 2 – 10 years.