We install these in environments where very high tolerances are demanded. This high specification Industrial Flooring is typically used in conjunction with Laser Guided Vehicles, Unmanned Forklifts, Air Pallet use and high racked environments.

The Elgood Television Studio Floor is a further example of a Specialist Flat Floor. The Elgood Universal Studio Floor System is manufactured and installed by Elgood Flooring.

Our studio floors are laid to tolerances tolerances surpassing SR1.  SR1 is not suitable for a television studio floor. The flatness of the floor and a uniform finish are critical to camera tracking. Both have a huge impact on how much can be produced in a days filming. Please see www.televisionstudiofloors.co.uk


This is our most popular industrial flooring product. Coatings range from a straightforward clear seal , two coat applications of 500 microns , multi layer 750 micron to 1mm coatings to self smoothing 1.5 mm to 4mm systems. We use only the highest quality solvent free Epoxy resin and curing agents.

Epoxy Industrial Floor Coatings are a cost effective way of lifting the presentation of a facility. The sealed surface provides a floor which can be routinely cleaned with scrubber dryers. With the correct preparation floor Layouts can be designed and altered at a later date without the need to remove the underlying coating, keeping downtime and waste to a minimum.

All of our coatings are applied by trowel. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘scratch trowel technique’. The advantages of this method of application over a roller only are as follows:

  1. An even distribution of resin is applied
  2. Minor defects are filled resulting in an even wearing surface with fewer pockets where dirt might become trapped.
  3. A consistent finish
  4. Value

All of the above are available in a range of finishes to meet the requirements of different working environments. The most popular industrial floor finish being Dusty Grey RAL 7037 with a fine slip resistant finish.


Our Industrial Floor Seal is a solvent free 100% solids Epoxy Coating. The seal is typically used where the final layout or use of a building has not been determined and where a dust free surface is required. The seal coat can be cleaned in the same way as our Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating.


All of our floorings are available in various slip resistant grades.


All of our installations carry our meaningful guarantee. We expect our Industrial Floor Coatings to last for at least 5 years and experience has shown that the coatings last far longer than this with many still retaining a good standard of appearance for 10 years. Guarantees vary from 2 to 10 years.


These screeds are pumped. We use only the best researched and developed products. Thicknesses vary from 5mm to up to 50mm.

Instances where we would install a smoothing screed include the refurbishment of uneven rough floors or where floor levels need to be met or reinstated. These floors are often used in large scale refurbishment projects.


These floors are typically installed to protect components which are electro statically sensitive or to reduce the risk of sparking in potentially explosive industrial environments. We have installed anti-static floors in Television Studios, Laboratories, Industrial scale Science and Technology based companies. Please see ‘Our Clients’.

Our most popular Industrial Anti-Static Floor system has a Static dissipative range  of 106 Ohms – 107 Ohms , as defined in BS EN 61340-5-1 ESD Electrostatically  Protected Area  –  EPA


As the name suggests, this type of industrial flooring is designed for use in environments exposed to harsh chemicals which would attack paint and inferior coatings. Our range of Epoxy based industrial floor coatings has a good general chemical resistance. For more extreme conditions we are able to source products.

Typical applications include chemical processing areas, plant rooms, bunds and chemical storage.


We have a stock colour range and have access to a leading pigment supplier from where we can source any BS or RAL colour code.

Colours , line markings and industrial warning signs can be used to design a floor layout.


We have specialised in providing flat floors to a high tolerance specification (superior to SR1) for camera tracking purposes in television broadcasting for over 40 years.

We have been able to bring our wealth of experience in precision flat floors with hard wearing surface finishes and apply it to production environments where AGV and LGV vehicles are in use.