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Dear Customers,

In light of the recent measures taken by our Government to control the spread of Covid-19 we took the decision to temporarily shutdown our contracting service until such a time that it would be socially responsible to re-commence.

We will be retaining a skeletal staff who will working from home and would be pleased to respond to any enquiries that you might have over the period.

Calls to our office can be made as usual , a message will be taken and sent to the on-duty member of staff.

Email correspondence is welcomed and we will do our best to fulfill requests for information and quotations , please send emails to our catchall sales@elgood.com

We are following the daily bulletins and will endeavor to update you over the coming months.

We are grateful for your business and look forward to working with you again when the crisis has passed.

Best wishes from our team.

James Elgood
Elgood Industrial Flooring Ltd