Specialist Industrial Super Flat FlooringSome settings require a precise super-flat flooring finish to ensure safety and efficiency. We are able to meet these standards with a range of specialist industrial super-flat flooring options that are laid to tolerances way beyond SR1.

These floorings are typically comprised of industrial-strength screeds with a resin finish.

Super-flat industrial floorings are popular in very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouse settings in which superior evenness is essential. The specification is typically used in conjunction with Laser Guided Vehicles, Unmanned Fork Lifts, Air Pallets and in tall storage facilities.

Our TV Studio and Broadcasting Industrial Floor is a further example of Super-Flat flooring. These are laid to tolerances way beyond SR1 in order to facilitate multi-camera use.

Industrial super-flat flooring is a specialist field requiring expert installation. Our Elgood TV Studio and Broadcasting Industrial Flooring is manufactured and installed entirely by Elgood Industrial Flooring Ltd.


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