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Industrial Flooring Epoxy Coatings


Our Epoxy Coatings are our most popular industrial flooring product – and for good reason. Epoxy Industrial Floor Coatings are a cost-effective way to lift the presentation of any setting and environment – just ask our clients!

Range of Epoxy coatings for industrial floors

At Elgood Industrial Flooring, we use only the highest quality solvent-free Epoxy resin and curing agents.

Our Epoxy coatings range from a straightforward clear seal, two-coat applications of 500 microns, multi-layer 750 microns to 1mm coatings, to self-smoothing 1.5 mm to 4mm systems.

The sealed surface provides a floor which can be routinely cleaned with scrubber dryers. What’s more, with the correct preparation. floor Layouts can be designed and altered at a later date without the need to remove the underlying coating. This reduces costs and keeps waste to a minimum.

All of our coatings are applied by trowel. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘scratch trowel technique’.


This method of application has a few advantages:

  1. It results in an even distribution of resin;
  2. Minor defects are filled resulting in an even-wearing surface with fewer pockets where dirt could become trapped;
  3. It yields a more consistent finish;
  4. It’s better value.

All of the Epoxy Coatings mentioned above are available in a range of finishes to meet the requirements of different working environments.

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