Kittiwake were expanding into the two adjacent units and as part of the expansion, Kittiwake made the decision to upgrade the presentation of both the existing and recently acquired floors. The concrete in the existing warehouse had been coated in the past with a tangerine coloured floor paint that had worn away in areas of frequent traffic leaving an untidy appearance. The concrete floors in the recently acquired units were in an unsatisfactory condition from general wear and had some exposed aggregate in places. The floor had received a thin coat of a grey floor paint which remained only in patches.

To minimise disruption to production, it was agreed that the flooring should be installed in two phases with one phase to be carried out over an extended weekend. Each phase had a duration of three days.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: Two phases completed in July and September 2004.
  • Product: Britdura 500 Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating
An overhaul of the floors to improve presentation and raise standards of house keeping that were being inhibited by the prevailing condition of the floors. Cost and performance were critical to Kittiwake and Elgood Ltd was selected from three companies competing for the contract.

As part of the new Health and Safety drive, Chris Lee Jones (MD) wanted to introduce a colour code system to indicate the differing uses and traffic with the aim being to make accessible areas clear and safe to all employees. Red was to denote areas where hazardous chemicals were in use and access was strictly limited; Tangerine was used to denote areas where both pedestrian and forklift truck use was permitted and Green was used to designate a safe route for pedestrians, particularly members of the office, to walk through the facility.

Yellow lines were used to lift the green walkways and zebra crossings were installed at crossing points.

Shotblasting was used to remove the existing paint and to clean the surface of the concrete by vacuum. Diamond grinding was used to prepare the concrete around legs of racking and along edges of walls.
The hard wearing Britdura 500 Epoxy Floor Coating. (Two coat application) The coating was applied by trowel and making good was carried out to minor surface defects to provide a consistent finish throughout. The colours used were Tangerine, Grass Green and Cherry Red with yellow used for all markings.
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