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Condition of Floors: the sub floor was asphalt with a high aggregate content. The asphalt had been painted. The paint had been worn thin in the main gangway, whereas in areas of less traffic the paint remained but was not adhered to the asphalt. As aconsequence the paint was flaking and lifting and giving rise to dust and an untidy appearance.

There were some oil contaminated patches where the asphalt had deteriorated. Liscombe replaced the majority of the identified affected patches with concrete to a sufficient thickness and Elgood Industrial Flooring cut out and replaced any further patches with Epoxy Screed.

The installation of the flooring over 1,800 square metres was completed in two phases; one of four days and one of three days.

Liscombe Selected the Britdura High Build 750 Epoxy Floor Coating.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: April 2004
  • Size of floor: 1,800 sqm
  • Product: Britdura 750
After assessing the trials of our Britdura 500 and 750 laid in September 2003, the decision was made to have our Britdura 750 High Build Epoxy Floor Coating installed. This coating had eliminated the worst of the pitting and gauge marks that littered the floor and provided a more even and consistent appearance. The Britdura 750 seals the asphalt helping to prevent the occurrence of dust. In turn, the sealed surface serves to ease house keeping and cleanliness in general. Liscombe chose the colour Cherry Red to lift the presentation of the warehouse and to co-ordinate with the steel supports in the warehouse.
The asphalt was prepared by a combination of mechanical scabbling and shotblasting. The scabbling pulverised the majority of the paint and the shotblaster worked to clean the surface and remove any loose remaining paint. The edges were prepared with hand held diamond grinding power tools.
The Britdura 750 High Build Epoxy Floor Coating laid to an average thickness of between 750 microns to 1 mm. The colour chosen was Cherry Red. Remedial work was carried out in-between coats to further improve the finished floor. For further information on this product, please browse the Britdura 750 Web page or request our new brochure by completing the enquiry form.
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