Condition of Floors: a new purpose built unit with a power floated concrete floor. The concrete had a slightly weak surface that was likely to generate dust in time under traffic. There were numerous joints to be filled to seal the floor in order to make it easy to clean and as hygienic as possible.

The 540 square metre installation was completed within two days over a Thursday and Friday.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: February 2004
  • Size of floor: 540 sqm
  • Product: Britdura 500
After viewing one of our floors at Steroplast in Manchester, Design Plus contacted us with an urgent requirement for the installation of our Britdura 500 Coating prior to completing their move into the new facility.

Design Plus manufacture sachets and specialised packaging for various creams and skin treatments. With a mezzanine floor covering the production area, it was important that the new floor was of a colour that would be both attractive and maximise the light. It was also a priority that that the floor should provide a surface that would be easy to clean and maintain.

The floor was prepared by a light shot blast and the edges along walls and columns were prepared by diamond grinding.
The Britdura 500 Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating manufactured and installed by Elgood Industrial Flooring. The colour used was our Sky Blue and the finish selected was our fine slip resistant texture to help prevent slipping and reflect the low lighting less harshly and without the glare associated with a gloss finish.
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