Condition of Floors: the factory was once a lens manufacturing facility and for cleanliness, the concrete in the 4,000 sq m building had been over laid with sheet vinyl and safety flooring. The concrete underneath was in a satisfactory condition.

However, trenches left from where a previous wall had stood provided us with a difficult finishing detail. The trench that ran the length of the building was filled by the main contractor. To help avoid the occurrence of cracking through movement i.e. shrinkage causing damage to the new floor either side of the trench, the in fill required bridging using a flexible membrane. Saw cuts were made either side of the trench prior to laying the membrane. The photographs show examples of this work being carried out.

From the removal of the existing sheet vinyl floor, the preparation of the concrete, and the installation of the new floor the contract had a duration of 14 days.

Facts & Figures
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