Oriens had acquired a new contract. They had to meet the criteria of their new client within a narrow time frame and be ready for the grand opening.

The existing coating had worn and had an untidy appearance. Open joints and other defects were inhibiting the tracking of trolleys and other plant across the hangar floor.

Oriens approached Elgood Industrial Flooring hoping that we might have a practical and cost effective solution that would meet their various concerns.

We installed a trial patch free of charge for Oriens to assess. The trial proved to us that the existing coating was well adhered and that with thorough preparation we would be able to over coat with confidence. This also had the added advantages of reducing the amount of waste generated and controlling the cost of the new floor.

The existing coating was prepared using vacuum contained diamond grinding. Spalled joints were cut back and repaired.

The new coating had to resistant to Skydrol and be able to withstand aircraft. The Britdura 750 High-build was able to meet both of these conditions.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: February 2018
  • Location: Biggin Hill, Kent
  • Size of floor: 1300 sq m
Condition of Existing Floor
A concrete floor which had been coated in the past and was in need of a re-coat and repair work.
Light Grey with fine slip resistant finish.

We installed a 1m wide, coarse, slip-resistant strip behind the hangar doors as an additional safety feature.

The floor was prepared using Diamond Floor Grinders.

To control and capture the dust generated by the process, these machines are vacuum contained.

Installation Programme
Two phases each with a duration of four days.
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