Installation Programme: The preparation and installation were completed in six days.


Elgood Industrial Flooring carried out a free no obligation site survey and submitted a report to Creasefield.

Three contractors were approached and we were pleased to secure the contract.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: February 2015
  • Location: Crewkerne, Somerset
  • Size of floor: 1,460 sq m.
  • Colour: Slate Grey
  • Existing floors: One half of the building has a floating sand cement slab. The other half was comprised of numerous slabs of varying quality most of which had been coated. Numerous repairs included joints and cracks to fill and smooth. There were 5 isolated slabs with raised edges of approximately 10mm.
  • Creasefield Requirements

    To refurbish the floors in order to lift the presentation of their new facility.

    Given the condition and history of the building, a pragmatic and cost effective approach to treating the varying floors was key.

    The new floor would also have to be easy to maintain in the event of further movement or damage.


    Planetary diamond grinder to remove weak paint, reduce edges and to smooth and key the painted sand cement screed.

    Vacuum contained dust free shot-blasting was used to remove the existing paint and to clean and provide a good physical key on the concrete on the other half.

    Diamond grinding was used to prepare the edges.

    Special Requirements

    The preparation was adapted to suit the variable condition of the sub-floor.

    The sand cement screed had to be prepared gently with grinding to preserve the integrity of the surface.

    The raised edges on the slabs were reduced using a combination of diamond grinding and milling.

    Creasefield Selected

    Elgood Industrial Flooring’s Britdura 750 High-build solvent free Epoxy Floor Coating.

    The floor has a built in fine slip resistant texture which is not sprinkled by hand and as such does not inhibit sweeping / house keeping.

    Floor Layout / Overcoating

    This had not been finalised and was excluded from the price at the time, but Creasefield will be able to choose colours for walkways at a later date without disruptive preparation.

    When the time comes, we will be able to offer to clean the coating with scrubbing machines and achieve good adhesion with the same coating in a contrasting colour.

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