Industrial Flooring Refurbishment

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Our client was converting the industrial area to a new use. Having stripped out old plant, the decision was made to refurbish the damaged and soiled floor prior to the installation of racking. Facts & Figures Title: Industrial Flooring Refurbishment Completion date: August 2018 Location: Derby Area: 1200 sq m Programme: 5 days Requirement Our client was converting the industrial area to a new use. Having stripped out old plant, the decision...

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BT Sport

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A challenging installation to replace half of a floor to a strict deadline. Half of Studio 1 had a conventional floor and half had a glass floor. The glass floor had limitations and a decision was made to replace this half of the floor with a fully functional studio floor. With new productions coming to the studio, BT Sport required a studio floor to meet the forth coming camera tracking and loading demands. Facts & Figures Title: Timeline...

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IMG Media Ltd

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Elgood Industrial Flooring installed four studio floors for IMG over 5 years ago. IMG contacted us to see how the shortcomings of the screed could be overcome. A pragmatic approach was required to minimise disruption. The removal of the screed would have been expensive , invasive and time consuming. In this instance, overlaying the screed with hard wearing interlocking tiles was the ideal solution. Facts & Figures Completion date: May 2018...

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Riverside Studio, BBC Scotland, Glasgow

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Having installed the floors in Studios C and then B and A in 2006 and 2007 respectively, we were delighted to be invited back to BBC Scotland to install our Elgood Universal Television Studio Floor Operating Surface in their new Riverside Studio. Our floors in Studios A, B and C continue to perform well after 11+ years of use. BBC Scotland were keen to have the same flooring in their converted studio to ensure smooth camera tracking and retain...

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Angus Lift Trucks

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Angus Lift Trucks contacted Elgood Industrial Flooring using our on line Quick Quote. We provided a guide price the same afternoon and then a site visit to survey the floor at a later date. Although the concrete floor was in a satisfactory condition, Angus were looking to seal the surface to prevent it from dusting  and becoming stained. Angus had a short time frame in which to treat the floor of their new facility. The coating had to be...

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Warehouse Conversion

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Our client is extending their facilities and are knocking through to old parts of the factory. The concrete in the old factory is in a poor condition and is very uneven. The aim was to create as seamless as possible transition from the modern side of the factory to the old factory which is being upgraded. Elgood Industrial Flooring were employed to prepare the concrete , to smooth the uneven slabs and provide a continuous and uniform appearance...

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Installation at Oriens Aviation

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Oriens had acquired a new contract. They had to meet the criteria of their new client within a narrow time frame and be ready for the grand opening. The existing coating had worn and had an untidy appearance. Open joints and other defects were inhibiting the tracking of trolleys and other plant across the hangar floor. Oriens approached Elgood Industrial Flooring hoping that we might have a practical and cost effective solution that would meet...

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Refurbishment at Technicut

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Facts & Figures Completion date: November 2017 Location: Sheffield Size of floor: 1000 sq m Condition of Existing Floor A concrete floor which had been coated by Elgood Flooring over 9 years ago. The coating had been a great success and for this reason Technicut were keen to employ Elgood Industrial Flooring again to refurbish the floor in readiness for the arrival of their new machinery. The excellent adhesion of our coating system to the...

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Akzo Nobel Premier Whites

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Akzo Nobel required a cost effective approach to sealing and upgrading their bunded storage area at their Stowmarket site. The concrete was soiled and old line markings had faded. The new industrial floor coating would have to be suitable for frequent daily forklift traffic and the storage of drums and IBCs. The proposed coating would also have to offer chemical resistance. The refurbishment of the floor had to be completed in four phases to...

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Facts & Figures Completion date: August 2017 Location: Slinfold, Sussex Size of floor: 80 sq m Mecmesin’s Required A floor suitable for Forklift and pallet truck movement. Mecmesin selected Elgood Industrial Flooring’s Britdura 750 High-build solvent free Epoxy Floor Coating. The floor has a built in fine slip resistant texture which is not sprinkled by hand and as such does not inhibit sweeping / house keeping. Special Requirements The...

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