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Studio floor for TNT Sports at Warner Brothers Discovery’s UK Head Office in Chiswick

Having successfully installed floors for Warner Brothers Discovery at IMG’s facility in Stockley Park, WBD placed an order directly with us for the installation of the studio floor at their UK Head Office in Chiswick.

Working in an operational building on the first floor presented a logistical challenge. We were able to overcome this with ease having been consulted from the design stage. Liaising via TEAMS meetings and site visits, we were able to make the installation a success.

Facts & Figures
  • Title: Studio floor installation at Warner Brothers Discovery’s UK Head Office in Chiswick
  • Programme: 2 weeks
  • Area: 90 sq m
  • Location: Warner Brothers Discovery, Chiswick London
Selected Product
Elgood Universal Studio Floor System, designed, manufactured, and installed entirely by Elgood Flooring.
Existing Floor
Rough and very unlevel concrete slab. In order to provide a super flat floor, the thickness of the floor varied from 20-60mm with an average thickness of 45 mm.
The floor provides optimum camera pedestal performance and is perfect for Multi Camera use. A camera can be used anywhere on the floor making it ideal for multiple sets.

The floor is free of undulations, inclines, and surface irregularities. These details are of no consequence on most floors, but totally unacceptable in a modern HD television studio.

Tough wearing surface designed to withstand the range of use expected of a modern HD studio facility.

Anti static finish as standard to eliminate nuisance static electricity that would otherwise interfere with camera use.
The Elgood Studio Floor System has been proven over 30 years with more than 135 studio installations. With an average working life of more than 10 + years these studio floors provide long term economy.
We retain a small in-house team of full-time employees specifically trained to install the Elgood Range of Studio floorings, the demand for which is intermittent.

All employees serve an apprenticeship of four years and enter a programme of continuous improvement.

Painting and Vinyls
The Studio floor can receive semi permanent studio floor paints such as Mylands and be scrubbed clean as a matter of routine or alternatively and to meet a specific design, low tack vinyl designed for use in broadcasting.

The surface has a slight profile to ease the application of semi-permanent studio paints.

We are always pleased to advise on suitable stage vinyls and the use of Mylands Semi Permanent Studio Floor Paints.

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