From straightforward refurbishments to complex multi-floor installations, food and beverage facilities to television runways, we do it all. The fact is it it’s something that you walk, work, or even film Youtube videos on, chances are we’ve built it.

So whether you require the durability and long-lasting guarantee of a solid resin floor, or the smooth aesthetic and high performance of a specialist epoxy floor coating, our wide range of flooring options are sure to provide something to suit your need and industry.

As you’ll see, although we serve all trades, we specialise in manufacturing flooring for broadcast and television purposes. We’re the only company in the UK to have a purpose-designed studio floor system — aptly named the Elgood Studio Floor System — and over 30 years experience in the unique and demanding installation methods required for television studios.

You can browse our portfolio of industrial flooring below to find out what types of clients we’ve worked on and how far our experience and skills extend. To give you a taste, we’ve worked on projects such as the installation of studio floors at ITV London Studios and Google’s Youtube studios, the laying of solvent-free epoxy floorings in Hyundai and Lexus preparation workshops, and the installation of flooring solutions at prominent national sites such as The Henry Moore Foundation Gallery.

To find out more about our expertise in a particular industry, give us a call or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.