Installation Programme: The installation was completed over two extended weekend periods to minimise disruption.


The existing floors had open joints with broken edges, which as well as being a trip hazard to trolleys and staff, also trapped dirt and inhibited house keeping.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: June 2015
  • Location: Swanley, Kent
  • Size of floor: 950 sq m.
  • Colour: Slate Grey for process areas and Dusty Blue for walkways.
  • Existing floors: A concrete floor which had received a coat of floor paint.
  • Preparation

    Vacuum contained shot-blasting was used to prepare the floor in open areas with diamond grinding employed in more congested areas around machinery and racking.

    Required Flooring

    A cost effective and hard wearing coating with the aim being to lift the presentation of the Engineering facility.

    It was important that the floor would last at least 5 years. We can confidently support the coating with our materials and workmanship guarantee.

    Contrasting colours to create a floor layout and highlight borders.

    Specified Flooring

    Elgood Industrial Flooring’s Britdura 750 High-build solvent free Epoxy Floor Coating.


    The floor has a built in fine slip resistant texture which is not sprinkled by hand and as such does not inhibit sweeping / house keeping.


    Forklift and Pedestrian Man signs were installed to warn and inform.

    Future Change of Layout

    When the time comes or plant is relocated leaving a footprint behind, making good and/or re-coating areas can be completed with relative ease.

    Once the area has been cleaned with a scrubber dryer or similar machine, the coating’s good self bonding characteristics mean that we would be able to simply over-coat minimising both preparation and disruption.

    The Elgood Service

    Manufactured, prepared and installed entirely by Elgood Industrial Flooring.

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