Installation Programme: a single phase of three days.
SWFR Employed Elgood Industrial Flooring directly in order to ensure that their choice of flooring was installed.
Existing Floors: a new concrete floor in a satisfactory condition.
The Elgood Service: manufactured, prepared and installed entirely by Elgood Industrial Flooring.

Facts & Figures
  • Use of floor: Paint Booth
  • Completion date: February 2013
  • Size of floor: 200 sqm
  • Product: Britdura 750
A hard wearing coating that would be easy to clean and maintain and have suitable chemical resistance for solvents. An attractive light reflecting colour.
Vacuum contained dust free shot-blasting and diamond grinding.
The specified flooring: the Britdura 750 Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating.
Total thickness: floor thickness of approximately 1mm.
Finish: built in fine slip resistant finish to not inhibit cleaning.
Colour: Pebble Grey.
Manufactured by Elgood Industrial Flooring Ltd.
Guarantee: no divided responsibility makes our Workmanship and Materials Warranty meaningful.
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