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Please note that KONE Lifts were an existing client of Elgood Flooring, having had Elgood Flooring install flooring for them in their adjacent unit in October 1999. The three photographs were taken at KONE Lifts in Bristol where KONE were extending their production facility and had taken charge of a new unit. As part of the refurbishment of this unit, Elgood were asked to continue their flooring in the new facility.

Condition of Floors: the new unit was constructed from two adjoining units, one which had been used as a motorcar service centre, the other which had been used as a storage facility. The concrete floor in the service centre unit was contaminated with oil and had been painted on numerous occasions. The concrete floor in the storage unit had also been painted several times, nevertheless, the concrete retained a sound surface.

The installation was carried out over four days including the application of markings, leaving the floor operational for the fifth day.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: August 2001
  • Product: Britdura 500 and Britdura 750
A floor covering that was designed for use both in assembly areas and gangways.
This entailed a combination of diamond grinding to remove well adhered paint and shotblasting to clean and lightly texture the surface of the concrete.
The Britdura 500 Epoxy coating to seal the concrete and provide a hard wearing surface for the assembly areas, whereas in the gangways KONE specified our reinforced Britdura 750 to tolerate frequent heavy fork lift traffic.
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