Condition of Floors: 850 square metre old heavily worn and painted concrete floor.

The installation was completed in three days and one night including all line markings.

Hyundai selected the Elgood Industrial Flooring’s Britdura 750 Solvent Free Highbuild Epoxy Floor Coating for the Fitting Bays and our Britdura 2000 Solvent Free Flow Coat for the Drive Way.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: July 2006
  • Size of floor: 850 sqm
  • Product: Britdura 750
For Hyundai the floor was an integral part of the refurbishment programme at their Import Centre in Tilbury. The floor had to meet the criteria of a strict budget and long term performance. Following site meetings and the installation of free trial areas to assess the two proposed floorings it was decided that a combination of our Epoxy Flooring systems would meet Hyundai’s demands.

Hyundai required a hard wearing floor coating that would lift the presentation of the Import Centre. It was important that the floor could withstand continual traffic from motor cars and that on going maintenance would be minimal.

It was also important that the floor had only a fine slip resistant finish to ease cleaning.

A blue close to the that used in the Hyundai motif was selected for the Drive.

Dust free shotblasting was used to remove the existing paint and to clean and key the concrete. Diamond grinding was used to alleviate the worst of the profile across the concrete.
The Britdura 750 Highbuild Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating which is applied by trowel with a finished thickness of approximately 1mm.

The Britdura 2000 Solvent Free Epoxy Flow Coat System which is applied by trowel to an average thickness of 2 mm.

Yellow Line markings were included in the price of the contract. Our line markings are approximately 1 mm thick and have a smooth gloss appearance making the lines easy to clean.

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