Installation Programme: Two consecutive phases of three days with a day between to transfer stock.
The Elgood Service: Manufactured, prepared and installed entirely by Elgood Industrial Flooring.
Manufactured by Elgood Industrial Flooring Ltd, all materials and workmanship guaranteed.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: April 2014
  • Location: Purfleet, Essex
  • Size of floor: Approximately 1200 square metres.
  • Colour: Slate Grey
  • Existing Floors: A rough tamped concrete floor.
The rough unfinished rippled surface was wearing the tyres on the Forklifts and generating dust. The open and uneven texture also made cleaning and collecting the dust difficult.

EUF had a tight budget to meet and required a cost effective treatment. Our Britdura 750 High-build solvent free Epoxy Coating was selected.

The aims were to seal the concrete with a product suitable for Fork Lift Trucks, to lift the appearance of the warehouse floor and to ease house keeping in general.

Fast cure: Following the application of the top coat the floor had to be ready for use the following morning.

Vacuum contained diamond grinding to reduce the ridges of the tamped profile and to clean and key the concrete.
  • The Britdura 750 Solvent Free Epoxy Coating.
  • Floor thickness of approximately 1mm. applied by scratch trowel and roller.
  • Finish: Built in fine slip resistant finish ideal for use with scrubber dryer machines.
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