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Akzo Nobel, Suffolk

The 4000 sq m floor at the Premier Whites site consisted of concrete tiles and asphalt.

The installation was carried out in several phases over six months to meet AkzoNobel’s critical schedule.

Elgood Industrial Flooring were selected for their project management experience having worked for the chief engineer in the past, our installation flexibility and high quality products.

The asphalt was removed using a small scale road milling machine and the concrete underneath was cleaned using shot-blasting. The 30mm thickness was reinstated to finished floor level using our Solvent Free Epoxy Base Screed. The screed was laid super flat to enable the the Laser Guided Vehicles to operate. The floor had to be flat and free of undulation for the vehicles to function and avoid paint spillages.

Contrasting colours were used to form a floor layout.

The flooring was installed in a number of phases over six months to meet AkzoNobel’s critical schedule, plant to be kept in production.

Existing Floors: large areas of asphalt flooring the balance being old concrete floors.

The Elgood Service: Elgood Industrial Flooring were selected for their project management experience, installation flexibility, and high quality products. These features result from employing their own full time employed resin floor layers, and “in house” manufacturing of high performance products.

UK Manufactured: the Britdura flooring systems are manufactured by Elgood Industrial Flooring in a new purpose built facility based in the UK.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: June 2008
  • Size of floor: 4,000 sqm
  • Product: Britdura 750
AkzoNobel were creating a highly automated production facility with extensive use of robots throughout the production process.

The new floor had to provide a suitable base for LGV (laser guided vehicles), in this case robotic fork trucks that carry pallets of DULUX paint from the production line to the robotic shrink wrap facility.

In addition, the flooring had to provide an attractive industrial floor throughout this prestige facility, capable of withstanding pallet and fork truck movement.

Around 900 square metres of 25mm thick asphalt was removed using milling machines over a weekend. All concrete areas were prepared by enclosed dust free shotblasting. Please see another example of this in action on our About Page.
The Elgood Britdura Epoxy Screed laid to an average thickness of approximately 25mm over an area of 900 square metres, to replace asphalt and maintain floor levels.

The Britdura 750 Highbuild Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating was applied to all existing concrete areas.

Colours: Light Grey for the majority of the floor. Charcoal for Forklift routes. Brilliant Red for hazardous areas. Grass Green for walkways and white zebra crossings.

[quote type=”center”]I think I speak for all concerned when I say how impressed we were with your workmanship and how pleased we are with what we now have. Your helpful approach and flexibility have certainly helped us in achieving our goals.[/quote]
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