Having installed the floors in Studios C and then B and A in 2006 and 2007 respectively, we were delighted to be invited back to BBC Scotland to install our Elgood Universal Television Studio Floor Operating Surface in their new Riverside Studio.

Our floors in Studios A, B and C continue to perform well after 11+ years of use.

BBC Scotland were keen to have the same flooring in their converted studio to ensure smooth camera tracking and retain the facility to use semi permanent studio paints for different sets as and when necessary.

A one metre grid was formed on the floor with the aim being to ease the design and construction of sets and to save time when switching sets.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: May 2018
  • Location: Riverside Studio, BBC Scotland, Glasgow
  • Area: 160 sq m
  • Programme: 7 days
Elgood Flooring installed the floors in Studios A, B and C at BBC Scotland over 11 years ago. When BBC Scotland were looking to convert a room into another broadcasting studio, we were approached by their contractor Vertech Projects.
Sub floor
The sub-floor is a raised access floor. This was covered with two layers of 18mm plywood which were glued and screwed together to form a sold flat base. Screws and joints were filled and smoothed.
The Plywood was prepared by sanding and then sealed with our penetrating solvent free Epoxy priming coat.
Selected Product
The Elgood Universal Television Studio Floor Operating Surface laid to 6mm.

The floor is perfect for Multi Camera and Robotic Camera use.

Anti static finish as standard to eliminate nuisance static electricity that would otherwise interfere with camera use.

Elgood Flooring project managed and installed.

The Studio floor can receive semi permanent studio floor paints such as Mylands and be scrubbed clean as a matter of routine.
The Elgood Studio Floor System has been proven over 30 years with more than 130 studio installations.

Elgood Flooring managed the project with their SMSTS and SSSTS qualified management.

Buy with Confidence
Elgood Industrial Flooring manufacture and install their own industrial coatings.

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