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Leonhard Kurz, Watford

A concrete floor which had been coated by Elgood Flooring over 20 years ago. The coating had been a great success and for this reason Leonhard Kurz were keen to employ Elgood Industrial Flooring again to refurbish the floor which was now showing signs of wear and tear.

The excellent adhesion of our coating system to the concrete meant that we could etch the surface using diamond floor grinders.

The coating has good inter-coat adhesion and offers long term value in engineering/industrial environments.

The installation was carried out in two phases over extended weekends.

Leohard Kurz chose our Light Grey and French Blue with yellow Epoxy resin line markings.

Installation Programme: The installation was completed over three extended weekend periods to minimise disruption to production.

Facts & Figures
  • Completion date: March 2016
  • Location: Watford
  • Size of floor: 1400 sq m
  • Colour: Light Grey
  • Existing floors: A concrete floor which had received our floor coating nearly 20 years ago. The surface had become worn over the years and was in need of a refurbishment. The coating remained well adhered to the concrete.
Kurz Required

Our coating had proven itself to Kurz over the years.

Having confidence in our product, Kurz were keen to have the same trowel applied coating that we installed 20 years ago.

Kurz Selected

Elgood Industrial Flooring’s Britdura 500 High-build solvent free Epoxy Floor Coating.


Vacuum contained diamond grinding to etch and clean the surface.


Light Grey with French Blue for walkways. Yellow lines to highlight the walkways.

Future Change of Layout / Over Coating

When the time comes or plant is relocated leaving a footprint behind, making good and/or re-coating areas can be completed with relative ease.

Once the area has been cleaned with a scrubber dryer or similar machine, the coating’s good self bonding characteristics mean that we would be able to simply over-coat minimising both preparation and disruption.

The Elgood Service

Manufactured, prepared and installed entirely by Elgood Industrial Flooring.

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