Installation Programme: one phase with a duration of five days over the shutdown leading up to Christmas.

Ready for Use: Next Day

Condition Of Floor: old and worn with a film of powders.

UK Manufactured: the Britdura 750 Highbuild Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating is manufactured by Elgood Industrial Flooring.

Facts & Figures

  • Completion date: December 2008
  • Size of floor: 1,200 sqm
  • Product: Britdura 750


A surface to enhance the appearance of the Production Floor and ease cleaning. A cost effective and hard wearing coating with a built in Slip Resistant Finish. A floor coating suitable for an engineering environment with forklift traffic.


Dust free shotblasting was used to provide a light physical key. Diamond grinding was used to prepare edges.


The Britdura 750 Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating which is applied using a scratch trowel technique ensuring a consistent finish and even distribution of resin. Colours: Light Grey and Golden Yellow. The coating has a fine slip resistant finish and can be cleaned with ease using scrubber/dryer machines and our Epoxy Floor Detergent Cleaner. In forklift areas the grade of slip resistance was increased. A close up example can be viewed on this page.

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