Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coatings and Primer Coats

You want a safe and practical floor as soon as possible with minimal downtime and disruption to your business. But planning the installation of an industrial floor around everyday operations is a difficult task, to say the least.

At Elgood, we offer a solution to this problem. Our DIY industrial epoxy floor coatings are designed for clients who wish to improve the appearance of their factory floors, without working around the availability of an outside contractor.

This do-it-yourself approach can save businesses masses of time and money. And what’s best about it is you don’t need to be an expert in industrial flooring to do it.

If necessary, for larger projects, we can offer on site tuition with with one of our full-time floor layers for all our DIY epoxy coatings, however, they are delivered with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, and technical assistance is always just a phone call away.

Our epoxy floor coatings are also available in a range of colours — something we can provide expert advice on — so you can be as elaborate as you wish with your floor layout and design.

As a full-service floor contractor that over a century’s worth of experience, when ordering one of our epoxy coatings you have the assurance of dealing directly with the manufacturer and a nationwide flooring specialist. From the initial enquiry to our phone support, our service is second to none, and you can expect to receive your epoxy coating within 48 hours of your order being placed.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Costs and Delivery

Epoxy Floor Cleaner

For businesses wanting to keep their floor in the best possible condition, we provide an industrial-strength alkaline detergent for the removal of tyre marks and general soiling.

The detergent can be used for general washing and heavy duty scrubbing, and is specially designed for use with scrubber dryer machines that are fitted with pads or brushes. We recommend consulting the scrubber dryer manufacturer’s guide for suitable pads and brushes that meet your particular requirements.

Epoxy Floor Cleaner Costs and Delivery

  • 20ltrs £60 excluding vat and carriage
  • Nonylphenol free, and suitable for a number of floor types.
  • 48-hour delivery
  • Contact us for more details

Industrial Floor Coating Slip Resistant Additive

Sometimes, when very smooth epoxy floor coatings are dry and introduced to water, mud, oils, or snow, they can become slippery and a safety hazard. Depending on your working environment, your floor may benefit from a slip-resistant additive.

Contact us to discuss whether or not your epoxy floor coating needs a non-slip additive.

TypeCompatible with
Fine/Medium Grade 70Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating *
Medium Grade 36Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
Coarse Grade 20Industrial Floor Coating

* Industry Standard Finish

Industrial Floor Coating Tools

We stock a wide range of specialist industrial floor coating tools and accessories that are fit for every job. From standard frames and rollers for large areas to mixing paddles for detailed line marking, you can rely on our tools to help give your floor a world-class finish.

Unit SizeApplication ToolsPrice
12 inchFrame and roller£15.00
12 inchReplacement roller£6.00
12 inchPaint tray£10.00
Mixing paddle£15.00
Small mixing paddle (for epoxy line marking)£10.00

Safety Documents

In the folder below you will find various safety documents for working with epoxy floor coatings. Download them by clicking the link and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information.

Download (.zip)